A Deported life

Julia a young French woman is expelled from the USA after living there for 15 years. Back in France, she must face her fears and a painful relationship with her mother in a country where she no longer belongs.


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Elsa Lunghini
Marie Bunel
Françoise Bertin
Julia Decker
And the participation of Alain Doutey

With :
The support of the General Council of Dordogne
The participation of the city of Terrasson Lavilledieu


Amsterdam Film Festival (Netherlands) – Van Gogh Award for Best Screenplay

Northern Wave International Film Festival (Island)

International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (LA, USA)

Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival (India)

Outfest 2013 (Los Angeles, USA) – Jury Award Nomination

Santa Monica Independent Film Festival (USA) – Honorable Mention

North Carolina Family Film Festival (Winton, USA)

Skeive Filmer Film Festival (Oslo, Norway)

Let’s All Be Free Festival (London, UK)


Director : Marie-Hélène Roux
Writer : Marie-Hélène Roux

Cinematographer: Senda Bonnet
Editor: Hugo Lemant
Sound editor & Sound mixer: Alix Breinl & Clément Maléo
Property master: Dominique Fourteaux

Make-up artist: Emilie Baudry
Original music composer: Johannes Steinray
Assistant director: Laurent Blu
Produced by : Cynthia Pinet
Production: 1divided Films

Year of production: 2012
25 mins/ Master: 1.85 / Color/ Blu-Ray