Marion is a fifty-year-old French woman, marginal, who has always lived with her mother. Born with obsessive-compulsive disorders, she is unaware of society codes, which allow her to live fully the present moment but also creating complicated relationships with others.

After the death of her mother, she goes on realizing her dream and flies to America. In Utah, in the middle of immensity, of beauty and emptiness, she meets Rob, a thirty-year old American man with an enigmatic behavior.


Marie Bunel
René Heger
Catherine Samie
Rob Dodd
Becky Wu


Director : Marie-Hélène Roux
Writer : Marie-Hélène Roux

Cinematographer: Senda Bonnet
Editor: Hugo Lemant
Sound Editor & Sound Mixer: Alix Breinl & Clément Maléo
Set Designer & Property master: Zachary Paraskeva & Ghislane Maatof
Costumes: Ilona Deydier
Make-up artist: Amélie Salomon
Original Music Composer: Alexandre Dudermel
Assistants director: Mark Greene & François Philippe
Produced by : Cynthia Pinet
Co-executive producer : Katie Swain

Production: 1divided Films
Coproduction: Links Of Life Production

Year of production: 2016
Master: 2.35 / Color/ DCP