A vanity label (see related topic on vanity press) is an informal name given sometimes to a record label founded as a wholly or partially owned subsidiary of another, larger and better established (at least at the time of the vanity label's founding) record label, where the subsidiary label … Content warning: This story is about domestic violence. The infamously bad song "Friday" by Rebecca Black was produced by a vanity record label called ARK Music Factory. 211 likes. Vanity Records, Sydney, Australia. Independent record label/zine based out of Sydney, Australia. The white label vanity press Author Solutions ran for it in Africa, India, and Singapore – Partridge – now seems to have removed all the previous Penguin branding and links it had been adorned with. Pete Nikolai’s position is the Publisher of Westbow Press… and it … In a series of tweets from the Vanity Press … Latawnya, … He helped set up Westbow Press – which is a white label vanity press set up as a partnership between HarperCollins and Author Solutions. David Marroquin, the founder of Vanity Press Records, is shutting down his label after his ex-girlfriend Molly De Wind came forward about his domestic violence..