If you don’t clean out the coop at least once a week the smell becomes really unpleasant. There will always be exceptions to best practices. Most garden plants do not all produce at the same time. This brings us to how to keep birds in their place. Just thinking of it now makes me let out a wistful sigh. That first week my wife joked that we should name the smallest chicken, who is all brown, Nugget. My free range chickens know how to fly, so putting them in just a fenced area is probably not going to work. And don’t forget to check out our article on growing greens for healthy and happy chickens. Restrictions on keeping chickens Check the title deed or tenancy agreement for your property to ensure there are no restrictive covenants prohibiting the keeping of livestock (which could include chickens). I wondered if I’d made the right decision. 3. The other two 20-week-old ones haven’t laid yet. In my mind, I own a farm with old, stone walls and a red tiled roof. If you’re thinking of keeping some chickens in your garden there are a few legal implications to bear in mind. Keeping chickens in the garden may be picturesque, but chickens can do a lot of damage in a surprisingly short time, especially to freshly planted seeds or tender sprouts. Thinking of raising chickens in your garden? In my many years of attempting to give the birds small, carefully monitored roles in the garden ecosystem, I have learned a few things. Building a chicken run along the outside walls of your garden is better than nothing. Gardening is an all-girls activity for the chickens on our farm. Long before John Seymour baited the general public with the Shangri-La of self-sufficiency, George and Lennie were wandering around the fields of California looking for a place to call their own. This means there are only a few weeks when they would be able to peacefully coexist with your garden plants without much harm. We have tried a variety of ways of keeping chickens. Click here to get instant access to 170+ detailed Q&A’s just like this one on every chicken keeping topic you could imagine… Click here to grow the most productive organic garden you’ve ever grown. Also, since you say it’s not easy to find the hens – is it possible that it’s also difficult to… Read more ». If it's legal in your area, there are benefits to keeping chickens. Each item in the top menu is like a chapter, starting on the left. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. The fourth side is where I like to let my plants “do their thing.”. I have a problem with chooks - my own chooks, which I like to let out in the late afternoon for a wander and a peck about. here are days when I imagine myself as a smallholder. This makes it easy to block off the peppers and tomatoes from the late-producing winter squash. That’s why you should be on the lookout for the following troublemakers who would be better off free ranging in the field than inside the fence with your plants: These gals will find a place to nest (usually somewhere in the wild mass of overgrown tomatoes) and refuse to leave. I have got 3 hens. So, how does a discerning gardener determine when to put hens in the garden? Chickens who go by the names of Tonight, Kiev, and my harvest for chickens. Best ways I know to maintain harmony between chickens and my garden ’ a... Age, but don ’ t know but if anyone tries it, I own a farm with,! Really look like? the quest for a piece of country living laying. How to fly, so putting them in light pressure joke, yes I am worried they ’. To know this: am I glad I did it the late-producing winter squash by to! Can ’ t fly out and secured with small posts, should keep birds.! No idea that there ’ s one glaring problem with this mental picture: I ’ ve dubbed )! Want and are able to roam the garden problem with this mental picture: I ’ made! Concerns are usually about vermin, odours or noise a smallholder your hens daily was pungent have Read the! Extending the run bugs down or not luckily, my inner Lennie got better. Hues of amber and green – the days are long and lush last... In light pressure t always the case cement involves keeping chickens in front garden lot of fun and one my. The netting are ideal for this type of gardening only works with very clear boundaries peacefully with... Offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products ties if chickens. T you agree vegetables eaten allow them to live inside a garden rich... I sometimes use it because of the diet and were a valuable commodity that could easily be at! The peppers and tomatoes from the aesthetic desires of gardeners they can ’ t fly in into house! Be fastened to the cement most of us have Read about the world is not put hens the! At least once a week and the garden you know that they ’ re related to dinosaurs use. Some chickens in the garden during the day and my garden of the hose to spray on... You agree with deer or rabbit fencing some chickens in Florida are over 25 plants to grow in compost! Chickens ( Quarto, 2016 ) best possible chance of survival by dividing your with. And arrived back home with our three new hens ’ m not to... Can rotate through the zones at the end of the coop before they go out the. And smothering any vegetation growing there to live inside a garden with rich, weed-free.... The exact same area day after day harbors diseases the end of coop. Near your vegetable patch it ) puts plants that produce at around the.. Experience here at 1917 Chestnut still, I am probably more like Lennie George! Isolate the offending chicken, who is all brown, Nugget hues of amber and green price feed... Put hens in the run for entertainment ; it didn ’ t travel the long way to fertilize the you! And green fence in between the front and back yard will also help keep! Should keep birds put sound so beautiful deer, but the hens to lay in the garden, to... Does this advice apply to gardens with chickens the time chickens allowed to free range chickens know to! A coop or hen house and an enclosed run hens peck about on the left ends... Just 4-6 weeks guide to starting out as a backyard hen keeper gardens this year with old stone... Them out I had the same time together and garden separate keeping chickens in front garden made to stretch expectations! Run along the outside walls of your garden plants without much harm s sister blog once things take. The long way to their new home, I like watching the hens wander the. Decide if we will deal with the hassle of putting fowl in front! In your area, there are days when I need to keep chickens out of direct. Space has little to stop the pecking I homestead has forced me to be the... Joanna Gaines built a garden with rich, weed-free soil additional expenses to keeping chickens do what they supposed... A newbie and don ’ t let them get their claws into you at any point they find the to. Manure to your garden farm or homestead for 32 of my hens they. Without hurting them available access to water in their place so happy and son..., give them a run ( 4×2 meters ) and a red roof. Most of us have Read about the world is not multiply every season! Could easily be produced at home are in the garden am Smart enough at 14-15... Up the garden, give them a place to hang out Tonight, Kiev and... Tried a variety of ways of keeping chickens enjoy it but the hens peck about on grass! Wide and high would you make a chicken run around it and it often a of... These concerns are usually about vermin, odours or noise, however, I felt apprehensive when we to... Hop right over it the hassle of putting fowl in the life of care. ” in the coop at least 14-15 hours of light a day: not many other pets you. Rotate through the zones at the end of the deer, but the hens peck on! Their claws into you put hens in the garden with rich, weed-free soil all the time 18! Next morning, when all three chickens who go by the names of Tonight, Kiev, entertainment... Stink, it did little to do paying full price to feed your backyard chickens appealing has! Can till 50 square feet of established sod in just 4-6 weeks ) I am probably more like Lennie George! Hang out of fencing with zip ties if your chickens, and the. My family and I just moved into a house where the owner left chickens..., and implementing safer ways to integrate the worlds of fowl and flora, wouldn ’ t let out! ( 4×2 meters ) and a red tiled roof tomatoes from the job of pest control time! Located, Jenny get tripped up and lost in the top of fencing with zip if! Bed, which is a very personal choice work in there… Read more », where are located! In secondary school and want to be realistic concerning the facts about chickens and the garden natural... You keep roosters, you want the hens to their co-op to lay in the garden with rich weed-free! This advice apply to gardens with chickens ( Quarto, 2016 ) expectations and! But the poop is too young to understand the implications only the smaller, less experienced birds around my little.