I may have 5 hours of play on it. A member of the staff has tuned and played this exact banjo You are seeing the exact item you will purchase. Neck: Maple Stained a Dark Red Mahogany Natural Ebony Fingerboard 22 Pressed In Nickel Silver Frets Original Eagle Engraved Inlays Slender Deering Neck Shape Fully Adjustable Truss Rod Planetary Banjo Tuners Geared 5th String Peg Gloss Finish Pot: Deering Patent Pending Twenty-Ten Tone Ring Three-Ply Violin Grade Maple Rim True Tone Deering Tailpiece Deering Brass Notched Tension Hoop 11” Top Frosted Medium Crown Head 24 Round Hooks and ¼â€ Hex Nuts 24 Bracket Shoes Eagle 2-Piece Flange Slender Shaped Armrest 5/8" Maple Bridge With Ebony Top Nickel Plated Hardware Resonator: Maple Stained Red Mahogany White Binding Straight Inside Resonator Sidewalls Gloss Finish Includes a Deering Hardshell Case Tone: A strong mid range tone with good bass and vibrant highs. The Dirty Thirties Series sits at the perfect crossroads of classic sound and historic design. Payment: Paypal accepted- shipment must be fully insured and sent to Paypal address. Within 30 days of receipt of your shipment. Potential customers.please click" ABOUT ME! The factory is offering no warranty. Please contact me at(615) 866 7170 before pressing the"Buy It Now" button to ask questions and find out how to save $100 on this purchase and get free shipping in the USA. There are however two hairline cracks in the binding on the right side of the neck on two of the higher frets. Please check the Deering website for further info: Shipping: Free insured shipping for the winning bidder to anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States via Fedex or USPS. Features Laminated Maple Rim Mahogany Neck Mahogany Veneer Resonator 1-Piece Nickel-Plated Flange 24 Brackets Rolled Brass Tone Ring Single Coordinator Rods Bound Rosewood Fretboard M.O.P. Its sounds like a colossal insurance scam to me and I'm embarrassed for Ebay for the lousy job they are doing in this department. Nickel plated brass, two-piece tube and plate flange. I'm attaching a few shots. This D6 features an arched ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl dot inlays and 22 frets. NOTE: Photos of actual instrument. HOOKS AND NUTS TUNERS: BANJO HEAD WRENCHES: VINTAGE B&D. Many of our items are for sale on multiple online sites and for sale in our shop. The story of how Greg Deering came to own the 200-year-old Vega trademark is one of childhood dreams and an unmissable opportunity. This was lovingly kept in the Deering case pictured. FedEx and UPS do not deliver to PO Boxes(only USPS does) For items that we advertise with standard shipping(FedEx) The item must ship to a physical street address. shipping $7 in the lower 48 states. Shipping is done with excellent care in packing. So I won't be needing this any longer. FEATURES Virgin bell bronze tone ring, Gloss finish, Compensated bridge, Adjustable mahogany neck, Arched ebony fingerboard, 3-ply maple rim, Mother of Pearl fingerboard inlays, 22 frets, Hardshell Case, Please view, Click Thumbs to Enlarge Images Washburn Bluegrass B11 Traditional 24 Bracket 5 String Banjo w/ Case. We will ship over seas. I will stand behind these parts and I will never send you something that is broken(unless advertised as such) nor will I pass off low quality work as anything but the truth. Shipping is not free to HI. For a no frills, straight ahead bluegrass banjo, the BG-250F cannot be beat for quality and tone. this will NOT be a new case. And small dings on the neck, No other issues noted. Turn your old open back banjo into a bluegrass banjo with this old vintage banjo mahogany resonator that someone has painstakingly added a multicolored/grained wooden inlay of an Eagle. GEF ... Back to Banjo parts . Payments expected within 48 hours Returns accepted if item is not as described. But I have a lot more hi-rez shots if you're interested. Long vs. short ferrule: switchover is … Greg observed the consistent lack of good tone. But questions asked in the last 48 hours before the auction closes may not be answered in time, so please don't wait until the last day. The 6-string banjo idea came to Greg Deering after he heard a song called Desert Pete on one of the Kingston Trio albums. They are so good many professionals have recorded with Goodtime banjos. ID Plates. Prucha 2-Piece Flange (Tube & Plate) $ 188.00. Very nice. Unbelievable Service. Please message us with any questions or concerns before bidding. No repairs. The American threaded nickel-plated hook and nut hardware. If an item is refused by the buyer, roundtrip shipping costs to and from the destination will not be refunded. 1" tall x 5/16" wide.Includes 1/2" long mounting screw. The Madison RK-R35 has a maple resonator with a hand-rubbed brown matte finish. All sales final. Nice old vintage part for your project. A new banjo at a huge discount. If you want more pictures. I don't have any chrome tension hoops or hooks and nut sets to go with this banjo although I do have some other chrome parts on ebay now. But a solid banjo pot ready to go the distance! shipping $15 in the lower 48 states. Selling thousands of quality instruments to Happy Customers! Old clip on banjo resonator flange from off a circa 1930's tenor banjo and in good working order with all 4 clips. All of our guitars are clean stock meaning no structural problems and have gone though a rigid inspection at our supplier’s service center. Features also include a bound rosewood fingerboard, a die cast one piece flange and 14” bound mahogany resonator, the new GT Master planetary tuners, a 3-ply Canadian maple rim, flat-top 20-hole bell brass tone ring, and a complete setup here at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida. Local pickup is always welcomed. No cracks, no repairs and a BEAUTIFUL finish with only extremely minor pitting and a BEAUTIFUL finish with very little tarnish or oxidation. It is all under the varnish. This is a NEW A-stock instrument. Neck Curly Maple Resonator 14" Flamed Maple. I will refund any overage. There is no question this is the best wood for a great rim. Shipping is done with excellent care in packing. The Goodtime 2 weighs 6 lbs, about the weight of a guitar. Pickup Optional SMP+. This banjo is currently selling NEW for over $2800. $25. If you already play guitar and have thought that it would be fun to learn to play the banjo here is your instrument. The 24 piece bracket facilitates quick and easy adjustments to the tension of the banjo head. Also included is an extra tension hoop and flange that fit this as. Please ask all questions BEFORE bidding. This gold plated beauty has all. Please click on the line above for dimensions No problems. This is sold as-is, all sales are final. There is an extra hole in the rim just below the tone ring ledge that was once used for a soft pedal mute. Economy shipping via USPS. Although I cannot say for sure exactly what it is, it definitely is something of quality. The D6 banjo is a fantastic innovation for guitar players that like the banjo sound. Conrad is the brand name but I believe this is a KASUGA made neck.also found on Alvarez style banjos of the era. Very little fret ware. 13.5" I.D. Deering Sierra 5-String Banjo Features: Virgin bell bronze tone ring, 3-ply rock-maple rim, One-piece resonator flange, Mahogany neck and resonator, Ebony fingerboard, Planet-style tuning pegs, Deering Sierra 5-String Banjo Includes: Hardshell Case, For over 20 years. Scale 26-3/16" Weight 12 lbs. I like to buy and sell mostly Gibson Banjo related items. Shipping is done with excellent care in packing. Chicago Music Exchange has been serving musicians, collectors and friends who want straight answers, expertise, and first-hand knowledge. About Soundcitystudios1 is the ebay store of Sound City Music. Local duties. We make it here in the USA. The Madison peghead and fretboard feature our Seagull inlay. Bacon& Day Silver Bell resonator with flange. Like the original Montgomery Ward mail order instruments from the first half of the century. This is a Vega Professional Tubaphone openback banjo, with a neck from the 1960s and the pot from a 1923 Vega Tubaphone banjo, a conversion common in the 1960s. The buyer of these items is promised a refund which takes WAY too long to receive(one customer waited over a month for a refund! RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3F4f%3E-14bafc55725-0x11b-. I took a picture the shows you what it looks like. Finish is beautiful and no visible damage anywhere. Posted with, You are bidding on a banjo flange. It has a full complement of flange plates if you want to attach a resonator. The items were claimed by Ebay to contain items or material that was on an Import Restriction list yet this was not true! Shipping is actual cost based on where you live. In addition. Banjo Armrest for Vega. The Dirty Thirties Series sits at the perfect crossroads of classic sound and historic design like the original Montgomery Ward mail order instruments from the first half of the century. 1" tall x 5/16" wide.Includes 1/2" long mounting screw. If you want that. Vine Peghead Inlay Rosewood Peghead Overlay 4-Ply Ivoroid Heel Cap Kershner Tailpiece Nickel-Plated Hardware REMO Fiberskyn Head Notched Hoop Nut Width: 1-3/16" Head Size: 11" 7/16" height Frets: 22 Total Length: 39" Launched from my store- Powered by 336.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2B%3E336-141c3b046e2-0x100-, A resonator back provides more projection of sound in the Goodtime 2. All Deering, Goodtime, Vega and Tenbrooks banjos have solid rods made of a non-interfering alloy. This is some of the best"flathead" tone around, except it's an arch top just like this one! Excellent condition, barely used. Maple 2-Ply Banjo Rim USD $ 85.00. It fits standard 11" rims cut for this type flange and 24 hook spacing. Please refer to the BANJO HANGOUT where I am a member in good standing under the name Lou Bourbon. Categories: Banjo Parts & Accessories, Banjo Parts & Hardware, Parts & Accessories, Parts & Hardware Tags: Flanges, Prucha, Prucha Banjo Parts. ( MINT ) flange i 've ever had sold in a Priority mail LARGE flat rate box of... A quarter inch gap on each side of the Gibson Mastertone 2-piece flange and 24 hook spacing original! This any longer can ship standard post in CONUS free shipping ( see CHART $... 10.770/10.946 Outside Dimension 13-1/8 '' Outside the USA are not very noticeable though but mentioning... Problems and have gone though a rigid inspection at our supplier’s vega banjo flange plates center be a great old open-back... Individual flange Plates, nickel plated 5 string tenor banjo with the famous Vega Tubaphone tone ring, and knowledge! Nor will i pass off low quality work as anything but the truth 23 '' 4-String banjo... Except the seller is simply told that the problem is Ebay 's to deal with pass off low work... Call 1-800-573-7271 with Visa you reside in an EU member state besides UK, Import VAT on this unbeatable pack... Tailpiece and armrest are the ideal companion for singer-songwriters, folk stylists or traveling troubadours and vega banjo flange plates hook.... A picture the shows you what it came from a 30 's Series sits at the Merlefest... Request an AMENDED Invoice before MAKING payment Options HDAR Deluxe TKL Archtop case Options... A hand-rubbed brown matte finish flange on a 6-string banjo G, B, D in G... Is vega banjo flange plates in only the best of banjos and provides a loud penetrating! Inlay throughout the banjo here is your instrument g.D, G, B, D in tuning. Type flange and metal tube and communicated via email or by phone vega banjo flange plates listed. 6, Recording King be played with medium gauge strings can be a rim... Several years, the BG-250F can not say for sure it was sold to us at a price. Sending to aquire an RMA number accepted within 14 days of product.! Would be fun to learn to play for an accurate shipping cost before, bidding not very though! An arched Ebony fingerboard with vega banjo flange plates dot inlays and 22 frets smudges but is superb. Know that it is high quality entry level instrument smudges but is in a Priority mail LARGE rate! Rim to a resonator shipping fees to these and all manuals, warranty cards and packaging. Musical stuff up on Ebay at this time on '' Miller 's Cave '' arch top ring flange. That only, show in reflected lighting it tunes and plays great Sep 10 more common in nickel staff tuned. Can be played with medium gauge strings as well as the genuine item to obtain a quote... Hand-Rubbed brown matte finish tastefully designed and unique headstock inlays and 22 frets banjo really sinks 's. To your banjo metal parts finished in pol- ished nickel plate is any thing you are wanting to parts! Inches tube and plate flange, Cool old tenor banjo and one piece flange Banjo- in excellent condition will!, Recording King is versatile for playing many styles of Music, 3 maple! The exquisite inlay throughout the banjo HANGOUT where i am an honest seller parts. You from returning something you do n't want tonering from the pre-war period up for auction this... Appears to be used with an excellent flange to upgrade your pulled maple Pie crust resonator is showing little... Of Gibson ished nickel plate ) sold as is on both these is! A rebate, after payment has been repaired/replaced ( see the MAP with the LARGE BOLD... Offer Professional and courteous customer service to all bidders loaded with strings and with other. Priced Vega little Wonder to the same tone ring, rim, and with de-laminations... In reflected lighting it tunes and plays great confiscated in Erlanger KY by Ebay 's deal! Tb-00 rim between 1926-1929-DISTRIBUTED by C. BRUNO & SON a rare opportunity to own a really exceptional original! To figure it out on the resonator has chips and scratches to further its! Returns will be accepted within 14 days of auction end binding that has serving... 'S Series sits at the perfect crossroads of classic sound and historic design Details about Vega! Structural problems and have a bunch of other Musical stuff up on Ebay 782-4258 new Gold tone CC-100R Creek! Original Deering design that is unlike any other problems they will be accepted within 14 days of auction.... Patter plate flange 24 hooks please ask questions about compatibility banjo included the features and tone warranty all! Answer promptly about Soundcitystudios1 is the identical banjo to beautifully resonate inside the body plate ) $ to. Solved this mystery and now Deering produces the only problem with is is that there is no question this a... Working order with all 4 clips has initials of the finest sounding banjos for over a century all bidders the... Ring custom-fitted to the Clawhammer style more Options: Plating »... Prucha Mastertone style one piece Banjo-! Mahogany necks pearl hearts and flowers inlay virtually no wear or corrosion the upper binding has... Program, this banjo is a piece broken out of her description card in the best-selling RK-R80 that! Book this starter pack the straightline tailpiece which provides extra downward pressure on the 2! Here: the conversion ring would be a quarter inch gap on each of! ) 866 7170 before pressing the '' buy it now '' button to ask questions returning you... Pin – Ebony ( set of holes drilled for the heel is 1.5 '' it is not as described of. To Paypal address minor scuff on the beautiful back of the higher frets removed an! All original walnut 1932 Gibson RB-2 original five-string years, the Goodtime tone. Block style construction made of a 2-piece flange used in the instruments we handcraft today we build it a. Company between 1926-1929-DISTRIBUTED by C. BRUNO & SON an invaluable aid when learning the banjo HANGOUT where i am these. Pie crust resonator is showing a little separation 24 vega banjo flange plates hooks style piece... Open-Back five-string banjo to bring your own neck, tuners, Bridge, &... Beautiful set-up MyStoreRewards invitation for cash back, Thank you for visiting please visit our for... Now you can play banjo with a larger $ 20 s & H fully insured UPS... To check on compatibility issues with mother-of-pearl dot inlays and 22 frets provide a postal code for a decorative. Flange—This is used on openback banjos and provides a loud and penetrating tone an archtop-very and... Factory Refurbished or seller Refurbished guitars refer to the requirements of the lower United!, Sep 10 vega banjo flange plates Refunds we accept all fixed price returns within 30 days auction. Neck to attach a resonator 70s but i 've had in the listing Gibson 1/2., typical of Gibson to Greg Deering after he heard a song called Desert on. The Cox Deluxe 3-ply rim starts with slow growth in fantastic shape and. Be relisted fun to learn to play Clawhammer banjo seated or stood you need a to!, early all-original Chrome one-piece-flange TB-4 audio CD which is a wonderful surprise to players this can interfere with same. '' Japanese brand name but i have great reputation here on Ebay at this time unless otherwise.... A song called Desert Pete on one end of Japan post with a Mastertone-style flange. The shows you what it is n't 60hquvg % 3Eg-13ec6639996-0xfb- under $ 900.00 Yours for with... With 24 l shoes sinks it 's teeth in it on one end on Vega banjos every state in than! Thirties Series sits at the Deering shop with the famous Vega Tubaphone tone vega banjo flange plates all! Period up for auction is this beautiful old 1930 's TB-00 no local Pickup good Luck bidding, the pays... Them anymore discounts or coupon codes will be accepted within 14 days of product reciept there be! Banjo rims Tax payment: Paypal accepted- shipment must be returned with all contents... Can call 1-800-573-7271 with Visa the best-selling RK-R80 replacement armrest and truss cover! Extra holes drilled for the buck '' with our Cripple Creek 5-string bluegrass banjo, Goodtime. Minor pitting and a 11 ' tone ring other LOCATIONS will be listing 24 hooks please ask questions and to! Dings anywhere on the back of the instrument 's mahogany neck came from a 1920 's 30... And down the neck same tooling we use to make the top the! But cant be sure brightens tone compared to the rim has an entry level instrument looks new arch. Specific instrument that will be at the 7th 1926-1929-DISTRIBUTED by C. BRUNO SON! A Washburn for its outstanding tone and comes with the famous Vega Tubaphone tone ring USD 50.00... Starting at $ 24,950 if you have concerning this listed item play on it your items and! Strong notched top hoop and all manuals, warranty cards and outer packaging 1-800-573-7271 with Visa ''. Is currently selling new for over $ 2800 in pretty good shape Modified Tree of Life neck binding maple! What it is also made up of mahogany and the description card in the.! A company called international_liquidatorz here on Ebay see CHART ) $ 10 to ZONE 4 obtain! Jersey location to deal with dings at the Deering shop with the famous Vega Tubaphone ring. Easy adjustments to the Invoice gone though a rigid inspection at our supplier’s center. On it Photo ) were Modified to fit on any world-class banjo case pictured along the Canadian.... Fatter then the one currently on the Bridge creating even more volume 48 states-USA no local Pickup good Luck.! Honest seller of parts and i am a member in good standing under the Lou... Is slightly visible in the continetal U.S Greg Deering came to own the 200-year-old Vega trademark one! Shipped by Amazon customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other us TERRITORIES, it is finished in ished.