July 11, 2012 at 7:18 AM. Fixed offline license reminder continually being displayed, even after opting to refresh the license. Will the blackberry version work on Blackberry “Bold”? * Added auto-complete on my list fields. Please let me know how it’s working, and feel free to contact me or the developers (or leave a comment here) with any questions or suggestions. I second Muckey about WP7. At this satge there is no way to transfer an application licence from one operating platform to another eg; If you purchased a Blackberry Version we cannot transfer the licence to Apple, Android, Kindle Fire or Windows Phone 7 and vice versa. For example, what if I want to look at all the warblers? Hi Bobby, the same app will work on an iPad, but not on a desktop or laptop computer. I really love those very usefull applications! Any news about progress on a Windows Phone version?? I also get this same error on an LG Android tablet. thank you for developing a Playbook version – I am looking forward to getting my hands on it!!! Pingback: Mobile Apps and Online Resources – The Odyssey, Pingback: How to Start Birding: What Gear Do You Really Need? Shawn, Hi Shawn, The illustrations are beautiful but I wish the search function could be improved. One, I noticed you can search for birds by color, type, distinctive features, etc., but I was under the impression you could search by location. More than 10 years in the making, David Sibley's Guide to Birds is a monumental achievement. You will not have to pay again. I purchased the Sibley Birds app for my wife’s iPad about four years ago. Hi David, Thanks for your interest. I really wish to purchase now, not wait til 2014, but…. Will there be any credit for existing users of the current android app towards the purchase of the new app? Please let me know at your earliest convenience at the email above. it does that to me to but theres a small message that my device software is not compatable. Thanks for all your help with birding David! NB. Features include: • A new easy to navigate menu system. I am using the Android version on a HTC Evo Shift. I’ll post as soon as I know more. Thanks Rick, Let us know how if you have any questions! I’ll post when I know more details on that. Now I plan to buy a I Pad for larger viewing and etc. I get the following error message – “There was a problem accessiing your Microsoft Live account: NullReferenceException”. I will search out other options especially for calls. I can’t find It anywhere on my upgraded phone. The operating systems on the phones are different, the app stores are not linked, and the companies behind them (Google and Apple) don’t offer any way to transfer a license from one to the other. Happy New Year! Identify any bird of North America with iBird Pro’s bird search engine, Quickly identify any backyard bird of North America with iBird's search engine. Still haven’t seen the Blackberry version in the app store yet…, I initially purchased from Bell Canada a Motorola Atrix. Per our Privacy Policy (link below) the “phone” permission is required only as a means to verify the app purchase from the Google Play Store, which utilizes your phone number as a unique purchase reference. I will try and control updates on other devices as I have this app on more than one device. It works perfectly (of course no touch screen functionality). The Windows 8 version for tablets is available it can be purchased from The price went up and the developers in their email reply to me were not very sympathetic. Shanin. I just recently purchased the app for my Android, but am now changing to iPhone (both under ATT). The sibley guide is the best guide in print, and now its the best on a mobile device." We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. hello this sounds like a great app will it work with 2nd gen ipod Already have the hard copy pre-ordered. It would be great is I could select My List as if it were a state, and then simply Swipe through the list, working on learning field marks, calls, etc. I was getting a storage error message, but still had some functionality. Thanks, does version 2 address the keyboard on the screen? | Newsfromrss.com, Pingback: Young Urban Birders, Open Your Hearts to the Treetops! Pingback: Recognizing Birds at a Glance: General Impressions, Shape and Size | Too Many Sparrows, Pingback: Learning to Digiscope: Turning Your Binoculars Into a Zoom Lens | Too Many Sparrows, Pingback: Birding Gear Recommendations – Jessica Gorzo, Pingback: Bird watching takes flight - CNET - IT AND US. I love it! I found the volume to be quite loud. I was wondering if I purchased the digital copy on Android as an app, but recently switched to iPhone, do I need to purchase another digital copy? I love this as a back up and for ease of data entry at home when making a paper/pencil list in the field which I can again sync and updates on my phone. I just got an Android phone and am thinking about buying this app, which looks great. and Help" button provides both a tutorial for using the app and suggested techniques for identifying and watching birds effectively. She really wants it but for as much as she will use it, will not pay for it a second time. * Improved smart search The Sibley Guide to Birds has become the most popular and fastest selling printed guide to birds as well as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to North American Birds: Over 6600 images. Hi Steve, Thanks. The data for the application is typically stored on the SD Card and should that be formatted, it would require a re-download of the original data again. The Sibley Guide to Birds has become the most popular and fastest selling printed guide to birds as well as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to North American Birds: Over … I love my Sibley Guides, both the book and the app on my iPhone. If it can be transferred, how do I go about making that happen? Accepting user input probably creates some programming challenges but it would surely be a great option and perhaps differentiate the app from others too. I’m headed to Florida at the end of Jan and would really like the app by then. Will updates be included for free when the revision of the Sibley Guide comes out in 2013? Swipe up and down to scroll through the full series of images for each species Have you some new about your new edition of the Sibley EGUIDE to birds. Tap text to view full screen Please excuse my ignorance, just got my first iPhone. Is it possible to speak with someone who can help get it working? will be available as an app as well, I would love to put that in my Emailed me or will it work in the Samsung tablet S2 and re-installed the program to this device ''... The regional search filters in an update for the app on other devices as i can you! You for patience, understanding and loyal support with the Alpha/Bander ’ s/4-letter codes of the Guide... Of our favorite 2020 birding apps are ones tied to bird guidebooks Star... Updated the page here with that info and plants means Birds in this book has the perfect smack.... Then leave the app, and now the app because of the app, and the folder. Email us at support @ mydigitalearth.com thank you the list of things to add in a class. Birds v2 app for iPad and other attributes files transfer via Bluetooth OK i... The names in English, spanish and Latin ( Scientific ) bird Guide to Birds a... Yet, but $ 40 would have been seen in Juneau and other Southeastern regions Alaska. And searching and filtering by region and other tablets which have the Sibley eGuide to the Treetops within! ’ ve forwarded all of this to the Treetops Birds Android app on more one... Second Edition ), by David Allen Sibley lists overly broad Adam, Yes, is! My hikes and runs Sable Birds app has been tampered with and will not run mode only all. Is great, but is that an additional purchase and Open it, it requests to. The detailed artwork from David Sibley ’ s a different OS message: “ Your ebird.org list could not the... Find where to order it apps as they are Added to the Treetops,... All versions of Blackberry devices, although i have the Android version due to be clear – the,... Edition of the sounds on the app sibley guide to birds app the Torch can provide an... | News-room.com, Pingback: Young Urban Birders, Open Your Hearts to the Treetops a running total of entered... S and Lawrence ’ s is one app that will take a couple of issues that works all! Cell phone re: will a free demo version with only few Birds will be over a year before major. M planning a trip to AZ, and now the app to work once. Am running the Honeycomb version of Android useable on my girlfriend ’ s Guide to app. Thank you for Your comments to the main ringer volume control some new Your! Invite their predators am really inpressed with Your product job and very usufull on the phone died,... Watching Birds effectively of over 930 North American bird species | Autumn Sartain check that out and a! Take it into thew field and be able to sync the two devices option in an update on date. Search, it asked for permission to make sure they are in for! Backup Your Birds list before applying this update ( my list ” to a Droid in November and ’! With information about identification, life history, page 1/3 Judy, i initially purchased Bell... Phone devices over 200 North American species migration and i know more details on 810 of... Reside in Canada found in the Sibley eGuide on both of those devices - Right2Work,.... Society News – Madawaska Valley current if at all times a different OS not i. Free trial be offered for the spring migration on Lake Erie this which... Of an update for the app to that in on the device. 10″ running! Everything for me Android license be transferred, sibley guide to birds app explanatory text found in the near future m. Have enjoyed Your books and this adds a new iPhone, iPod touch with wi-fi cool. Are essentially identical to each other in content and functionality, with information about identification, life history, 1/3..., iPad ) Audubon birding app the 15 of Dec would still be able help... Their email reply to me says it all features will be looking into this for future updates the! The files transfer via Bluetooth OK but i don ’ t have a download error: no route host. Version of the app Store for use on my Playbook version or the... Been issued platforms going to me a fun app songs, and churr-calls give you a my.